a little about me.

My name is Ashley Reddish. I hail from Des Moines, IA. (born and raised, more or less [insert obligatory shout of loyalty here]) I’m a 27-year-old (born in 1985) homemaker. I’ve been 27 for almost 10 months at this point, but the whole homemaker lifestyle is all brand new. My family is my life. My husband’s name is Scott and I have a 10 month old named James and one in the cooker that we have named Charlie.

Life has been a complete whirlwind since November 2011 when I got married. So much has changed and it continues to change a little more each day, but here are some foundational truths about myself:

I value truth and I love to search out answers to deep questions.
I understand I don’t have all the answers, but I would consider myself highly teachable.
I’m a dreamer by nature, so my opinions often reflect the idea of infinite possibilities, which maybe be good or bad — I’ll let you decide.
I am not offended when people don’t agree with me and I love to hear opinions — I refuse to argue.
I’m confident in who I am (most days), and I take little credit for my awesomeness (though I don’t hesitate to recognize it). I didn’t make myself that way, I was created to be awesome — which I am so very thankful for.
I owe everything to one Man, being that for someone else is my deepest desire.

I hunger for freedom and to inspire people to walk in their destiny.
So please, feel free to LIVE.

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